To Catch a Thief
Season 03, Episode 05
Air Date November 7, 1998
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"To Catch a Thief" is the 32nd episode of Kenan & Kel and the 5th episode of Season 3. It first aired on November 7, 1998.


Marc Cram, was a nerd who is obessed with watches and has been invited in to Kenan's house, but he and Kenan were in Kenan's room for a while. That's when Marc found out that Kenan has a rare 1950's watch. In the morning the next day, when Kenan finds out his watch missing, he thinks Marc stole it. At Rigby's he has first tries to see if Marc has his watch by "accidentally" breaking his clock but Kel accidentally gives him the time. Kenan plans another idea to check if he's a thief by leaving a cash register unattended while he sits in the backroom, only for an old woman to steal the money while Kel just does nothing thinking only Marc should steal it. That's when Kenan is convinced that he only steals watches so he invites him to his house while their parents are at a movie so that he can pour some orange paint on him when he steals a watch, although he doesn't. Kenan almost figured out that Marc is not a thief until his mother's porcelain monkey is gone. They invade Marc's house while Kel wreaks havoc while looking for his watch. Kenan finds a jewelry box in his bedroom and shows his and Marc's parents that he stole his watch. Later, Roger finally admits to Kenan that he's the one who took his watch to fix his wristband but Kel actually helped Roger take the watch which makes Kenan even more angry. The angry Crams walk away until Roger makes Kenan clean up their house and pay for their new stuff. Just when he's about to grab his checkbook, he gets spilled with the paint that Kenan and Kel tried to use earlier and angrily yells "KENANNN!!!!".


Running GagsEdit

  • Roger trying to spell the word chronometer.
  • Kel misunderstanding what Marc spells.


  • (Marc) "I especially enjoyed the P-I-E."
  • (Kel) "Peas? We didn't have peas."
  • (Kenan) "Pie, Kel. He was spelling pie."
  • (Kenan) How are you gonna spill your way out of this one Mr. Thief? Mr. T-H-E-A-F-E?
  • (Roger) That is not your watch.
  • (Marc) And you spelled "thief" wrong!
  • (Marc) I am so A-N-G-R-Y!
  • (Kel) Ya hungry?
  • (Everyone) ANGRY!!!!!!!