Kenan's family is having a get together with the Nimmers, whom their daughter, Caitlin, just got dumped by her boyfriend not too long ago. Kenan decides to go to a movie with her on Saturday to help her out. However, Kenan remembers he forgot his date with Sharla, who is understandably angry at him for leaving her in the cold all night. He makes it up too with a movie on Saturday, but has to convince Caitlin to cancel; though Caitlin's fear of getting dumped again makes things more difficult. Kenan tries to postpone his date with Sharla, but with no avail. Kel arranges a double-date with Kenan so he won't have to worry about dating with Sharla and Caitlin. Kenan wants to cancel their double-date, but Kel mentions they don't have cell phones, so now Kenan is stuck dating three girls at the same time and at the same place or as Kel puts it "one date with three girls". Kenan arranges Sharla to see "The Neverending Teardrop" and Caitlin to see "Kung Fu Rabbi", in which he has to make up excuses to go back and forth to each theater area. Meanwhile, Kel arranges Kenan to see "Martians from Mars in 3-D" along with a goth girl named Yovanda whom confuses his name with "Alphonse". As he makes up more and more excuses, he later snaps at Yovanda for not understanding he wants nothing to do with her. However, Sharla and Caitlin walk out of the theater and figure out Kenan's secret, and Kenan later reveals everyone's angry at him now due to his secret.


  • If Yovanda and Wanda don't have phones, how was Kel able to schedule a double date with them? It's implied that he met them some place and talked about having their double date in person.
  • Didn't Roger and Sheryl know that Kenan was supposed to be on a date with Sharla? Maybe either they forgot too or Kenan never got to tell them about his date since he forgot.
  • Why didn't Kenan call Sharla or Caitlin again and tell one of them to cancel?