The Graduates is the 7th episode of the 4th season of Kenan & Kel.


Kenan, Kel and the other seniors plan to play a senior prank in order to leave their mark on top of the school (which Kel, at first took literally). They all think of various idea until Kenan agrees to dump pudding in Principal Horn's office so Kenan and Kel steal all of the pudding from Rigby's. However, this backfires when Principal Horn shows up early and inadvertently sprays pudding on her body. Kenan tries to point things out, but Kel, being the idiot that he is, makes things worse by pointing out harsher punishments for Kenan in which he's not welcome at the graduation ceremony and must tell his parents the news. Kenan decided not to tell them in order to prevent getting in trouble but things get super hard when his parents and entire family are more than excited to see him graduate. At dinner, Kenan notices Principal Horn and tries to hide from her in order so the family won't hear the news and Kyra convinces Sheryl that Kenan is only acting finnicky because he's giving a "graduation speech" tomorrow. Kel decides to let Principal Horn take a picture of the entire family, but so the family won't figure out, Kenan shoves her in the resteraunt kitchen scurries his family home before she gets out. Now Kenan's in big jeopardy since he chose an orange gown instead of black like everyone else because Kel thought he was asking him his favorite drink (Even though Kel should already know that Kenan would never ask him that type of question). Kenan attempts to pretend to be the groundskeeper and tell Horn that the entire field is covered in giant cockroaches, but she knows he's lying. When the family arrives at the graduation ceremony, Kenan tries to remain ambiguous towards Principal Horn and interrupts Sharla's valedictorian speech in order to give his fake "speech", but Principal Horn catches him and Kel's bulldozer comes and bulldozes the ceremony way too late. Kenan tells Kel that his parents grounded him for the entire summer, Uncle Louie hasn't stopped crying, and him and his family are no longer allowed to go near that school for the rest of his life.


(Kenan) "Why are you wearing black? I asked you what color the gowns were. You said orange."

(Kel) "Oh! Gowns? Man, I thought you were asking me what was my favorite flavor of soda."

(Kenan) "Why would I-- Don't you think I-- Oh, never mind!

(Kel) "I don't know why we got to wear the gowns anyway. I'm freezing."

(Kenan) "Kel!"

(Kel) "Yeah?"

(Kenan) "You're supposed to wear clothes under the gown."

(Kel) "Oh!"

(Kenan) "Here's Kenan! Thank you very much, Sharla, for that lovely introduction. When they asked me to give this s-speech, because they did ask me, I was reminded of the lovely words by the poet, uh…William, uh…Long--Jones, III. Ahem! He said, uh… "When you dream… make sure you don't fall asleep on the bus or you miss your stop." Happy graduation!"


  • We learn that Kel's full name is "Kel Einstein Hypothalamus Kimble".