Dial O for Oops
Season 01, Episode 10
Air Date December 7, 1996
Previous In the Line of Kenan
Next Merry Christmas, Kenan

Dial O for Oops is the tenth episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on December 7, 1996. The name is a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder.

Summary Edit

Kenan attempts to ask out a girl, who happens to be the daughter of his father's mean boss, Mr. Dawson, but in the process, leaves a scandalous message on their answering machine. Now he and Kel must go to the house to swap the answering machine tape before the Dawsons come home and listen to it.

Kenan's Idea Edit


  • PeanutButter
  • Snowshoes


  • Bus Stop

Trivia Edit

  • Kyra is not seen in this episode.
  • The tape switch plot was already used in a Seinfeld season 2 episode.