Cleeb Blatt is Mrs. Blatt 's son and neighbor in the episode Bye Bye Kenan: Part 2. He's an extremely foolish and eccentric hillbilly who lives in the fictional city of Pummis , Montana wanting to be Kenan's new friend. He once even forgot his own name and told Kenan it's his best friend "Robert". He was asked by Kenan and Kel to dress up like a bear in order to scare Roger into quitting his new job. However, Roger gets fired for being afraid of a bear and wreaking havoc in the cabin (to keep the bear away). Kenan and Kel later reveal to Roger that the bear was fake and that it was only Cleeb in a bear costume. Later, the actual Cleeb walks to the cabin with an extremely unrealistic bear costume and says "Hey, Kenan, I'm ready to pretend to be a bear. Grr!" revealing that the bear that attacked their cabin was real. Him along with everyone else run away while the Rockmores take their flight back to Chicago.