April Fools is the 12th episode of season 4 and the 61st episode overall.

Kenan and Kel pull a series of pranks that end up causing they and several others to be arrested. They caused cereal to be spilled when Roger opened a kitchen cabinet, and replaced Sheryl's face cream with paint. Kel intended to give Kenan a sandwich full of wet cement but Roger ate it instead. Kenan superglued a bottle of orange soda on a nightstand, forcing Kel to lift it so he could drink it. Kenan gave Chris a fake lottery ticket leading him to believe he won $36 million, impersonated Sharla and ordered 75 large pizzas and put raw meat in Marc's backpack when he was passed out. Kel put Kenan's bike on a fire hydrant and a Chicago police officer gave Kenan a ticket but Kenan believed the officer was fake and took his hat and poured cream corn and put it back on his head. He was arrested and by the end of the episode, he, Kel, Marc, Sharla, Chris and his parents were all in jail.


  • Marc should have noticed the stuff from his backpack on the counter.

Trivia Edit

These are the reasons why everyone went to jail

  1. Kenan: He assaulted a police officer by putting creamed corn in his hat, dumping it on his head and sprayed whipped cream in his face.
  2. Kel: He stupidly tried to help Kenan escape by obviously putting a saw in a cake.
  3. Marc: Kenan put raw meat in his backpack which attracted some local dogs and was arrested for dognapping.
  4. Chris: Kenan gave him a fake lottery ticket which made him go around town writing out bad checks.
  5. Sharla: Kenan impersonated her and ordered 75 large pizzas from pizza farm and was arrested for refusing to pay.
  6. Roger and Sheryl: Tried to prank Kenan back but unknowingly ending up pranking the college recruiter that Kenan called and were arrested for assaulting him and thus leading him to decline Kenan's acceptance into the college he represents and tear up his entry form.